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Noise: The Secret Enemy of Good Decision-Making
How would you feel if your bathroom scales showed wildly different results every morning? One day you’ve supposedly gained weight, the next day you’re trim and slim again. You might be tempted to thro…
The Future of Human Evolution
How can we better protect humans from viruses, aging and diseases? Biotechnology, and gene editing in particular, hold great promise in medicine and health – but what are the ethical issues we need to…
Gene Editing: Great Potential, Great Concerns
Writing the code of life has been nature’s job – until now. Thanks to rapid progress in biotechnology, humans may soon be able to tweak evolution to their liking. By replacing one strand of DNA with a…
New Ways To Feed A Hungry Planet
With the world’s population projected to grow to almost 10 billion people by 2050, challenges abound, as food production is already stretching the planet’s resources to the limits.Overfishing is deple…
Osh Agabi (Koniku) speaking during the DLD Munich Conference 2019, Europe?s big innovation conference, Museum Stage, Munich, January 21, 2019 Photo: Andreas Gebert/picture alliance | Verwendung weltweit
Koniku founder Osh Agabi has a daring plan: He’s developing a new kind of of biochip made from brain tissue in order to create sensors that can sniff out explosives at airports and even, in the near f…
DLD New York Conference 2018, IAC Building, New York City, May 2nd.  Free press image ( Agaton Strom for DLD)
Esther Perel is recognized as one of today’s most insightful and original voices on modern relationships. With her podcast “Where Should We Begin?” the Belgian psychotherapist invites the listene…
Studi Init Talk with Mary Lou Jepsen at TU Audimax (Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München).  DLD Munich Conference 2018, Europe's big innovation conference, Alte Bayerische Staatsbank, Munich, January 20th - 22nd 2018, free press image © Florian Fetzer for DLD
Mary Lou Jepsen surely deserves to be called a technology pioneer. Most recently, she was an engineering executive at Facebook working on its Oculus virtual reality gear; before that she spent th…
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