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DLD Munich

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DLD Munich, January 19 – 21

Optimism & Courage

Articles, videos, images about DLD 2019 on our conference overview page

DLD Tel Aviv 2019

DLD Singapore 2019


DLD Munich, January 20 – 22


See all about DLD Munich 2018 on our conference overview page

DLD New York 2018

DLD Europe 2018

DLD Campus Karlsruhe 2018

DLD Campus Bayreuth 2018

Richard Browning, rocket man, flight demo, DLD

DLD Salon Belgrade 2018

DLD Singapore 2018


DLD Munich 2017

DLD New York 2017

DLD Europe 2017

DLD Campus 2017

DLD Tel Aviv 2017

DLD Berlin 2017


DLD Munich 2016

DLD New York 2016

DLD Summer 2016

DLD Europe 2016

DLD Tel Aviv 2016

2005 – 2015

Memorable Moments

Jack Dorsey DLD 2012
Jack Dorsey: Growing Twitter

“We want to build a system that the entire world can use and approach immediately.”

Open Innovation panel DLD 2011
Open Innovation

Panel discussion with Marissa Mayer, Beth Comstock, Kohei Nishiyama and Jens Martin Skibsted

Dan Ariely DLD 2009
“Predictably Irrational”

Dan Ariely, bestselling author and Professor of Behavioral Economics at Duke University, explains why humans often follow instinct more than logic

Peter Diamandis DLD 2012

Singularity University founder Peter Diamandis explains how the X Prize competition can help to launch the next phase of human progess – in space and on Earth

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