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Standing in front of a video screen, Nina Matzat, co-founder of Plan.Net Studios, explains the power of spatial computing at the DLD Munich conference 2024.
In computing, the world is flat, as we typically consume information on 2D displays. But now, with smart glasses and the advent of spatial computing, a new paradigm is dawning, Nina Matzat and Maik Kähler, co-founders of Plan.Net Studios, argue. Their DLD24…
Kenza Ait Si Abbou of IBM, Kim Dabbs of Steelcase, Christian Bason of the Danish Design Centre and Lisa Witter of the Apolitical Foundation discuss leadership and management at DLD Munich
Technology and complexity require new forms of leadership – more creative, more human, more innovative ones. This session brings together design thinkers and leadership experts who present fresh management ideas. Hear insights from Kenza Ait Si Abbou, Director of Client Engineering at…
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