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digital society, panel discussion, Claudia Nemat, Michael Diederich, Tarek Müller, DLD conference
In an era of digital transformation, how can leaders manage a team, or an organization, successfully? In this DLD20 discussion moderated by WIRED UK editor Greg Williams, Deutsche Telekom board member Claudia Nemat, Michael Diederich (HypoVereinsbank/UniCredit) and Tarek Müller (About You) delve…
Satya Tripathi, Secretary General Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet, speaks at DLD Munich about sustainable food production
It’s not easy to make sure that more than 8 billion people have enough to eat, day after day. And it’s even harder to make this miracle happen without harming animals and precious ecosystems. But it is possible. Hear from Satya Tripathi,…
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