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circular economy, sustainability, society, consumption, business
Grow equals wealth – that’s been the dominant equation in business for decades. But the hunger for growth also leads to existential problems for mankind and the entire planet. When it comes to polluti…
Margaret Heffernan, author, DLD conference
It’s easy to forget in times of turmoil, but life has always been unpredictable, full of events that no one could have foreseen, rich with moments of surprise. The coronavirus pandemic is merely ampli…
Klaus Hommels, Stefan Oschmann, DLD Sync
How can European startups master the coronavirus crisis? Is the innovation ecosystem on the Old Continent healthy enough to weather the pandemic and, perhaps, emerge from the lockdown stronger than be…
Ecosia, search engine, worker planting trees, Indonesia, climate change
Meet Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees: The world is losing forests at an alarming rate – partly through wildfires and other natural causes but mostly because humans are cutting down trees t…
renewable energy, wind power, green energy
The world’s appetite for electricity seems insatiable, and most of the demand is still met by burning coal and gas. But concerns over climate change, along with falling prices, are leading to a rethin…
company culture, new work, DLD conference
Digital transformation does not only have effects on products, business strategies and processes. A central success factor for successful transformation are the people who implement and support change…
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