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Why Covid-19 Highlights the Limits of Capitalism
What’s the price of a human life? How do markets reward long-term research and prevention – if a payoff for investors may never come? “Obviously this crisis comes at great human cost”, Albert Wenger, …
Now Is the Time To Fix the Future
Andrew Keen is a writer, speaker and entrepreneur. In his latest book, How To Fix The Future, he analyzes the intricate interplay between technology, society and democracy. For this essay, we asked hi…
Elliot Schrage (facebook) DLD Munich Conference 2018, Europe's big innovation conference, Alte Bayerische Staatsbank, Munich, January 20th - 22nd 2018, free press image © Dominik Gigler for DLD
Sunday at DLD Munich started with Elliot Schrage’s for Facebook surprisingly open and self-critical keynote. He is Vice President of Public Policy and Communication at Facebook, where he ove…

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