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Journalist Yinka Adegoke (Semafor), entrepreneur Herbert Wigwe (Access Holdings) and Helmut Schoenenberger (Unternehmer TUM) speak at the DLD Munich 2024 conference.
This DLD24 conversation between Herbert Wigwe, the late CEO of Access Bank Group, and Helmut Schönenberger, the Vice President of UnternehmerTUM in Munich, focuses on the future of higher education in Africa. The moderator is journalist Yinka Adegoke (Semafor). In his talk,…
Schwarz Digits CEO Rolf Schumann on stage at the DLD Munich Conference 2024, in front of a video screen showing his presentation.
Digital sovereignty and the need for businesses to rethink their approach to digitalization lie at the heart of Rolf Schumann’s passionate DLD24 presentation. Schumann, the CEO of Schwarz Digits, emphasizes that having control over one’s data is particularly important at a time…
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