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“We Have Over-Optimized Our Economy”
To kick off DLD Sync, our new interactive online event format, we invited Oxford economist Carl Benedikt Frey for a conversation on the future of work and what history can teach us about managing the …
Torsten Kröger (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Andrew Keen (Author) DLD Campus Karlsruhe, ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, July 3nd 2018 Free press image © Dominik Gigler for DLD
Do intelligent robots take over our work? The expectations of the people and the actual reality on this topic are far apart. The renowned US Internet critic Andrew Keen and Torsten Kröger, Professor o…
MUNICH/GERMANY - JANUARY, 21: Paul Daugherty (Accenture) gestures speaking on the stage during the DLD18 (Digital-Life-Design) Conference at the Alte Bayerische Staatsbank on January 21th, 2018  in Munich, Germany (Photo: picture alliance / Andreas Gebert) | Verwendung weltweit
Without doubt, Artificial Intelligence will impact the way we work and live in the near future. AI applications based on machine learning, neural networks and data, are progressing at a fast pace and …
Jürgen Schmidhuber (IDSIA) DLD Munich Conference 2018, Europe's big innovation conference, Alte Bayerische Staatsbank, Munich, January 20th - 22nd 2018, free press image © Dominik Gigler for DLD
The Latin phrase “Cogito, ergo sum” means “I think, therefore I am.” For decades authors and directors have dreamed about the self-aware machine, letting their imagination run high. With AI technology…
MUNICH/GERMANY - JANUARY, 21: (L-R) Jennifer Schenker (The Innovator), Pablos Holman (Intellectual Ventures), Tomasz Smaczny (ERGO), Amy Wilkinson (Ingenuity) in conversation at a panel discussion during  DLD18 (Digital-Life-Design) Conference at the Bayerischer Staatsbank on January 21th, 2018  in Munich, Germany (Photo: picture alliance / Gandalf Hammerbacher) | Verwendung weltweit
What would actually happen, if AI would take over your job? A question Pablos Holman, hacker, inventor and futurist, thinks a lot about. People would thrive, is his answer. A lot of them would lo…

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Margaret Heffernan, author, DLD conference

Make Uncertainty Your Friend!

Don’t try to fight uncertainty, learn to manage it, author and consultant Margaret Heffernan says. Watch her DLD Sync session with Niki Kolev about better ways to deal with risk.

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