Circular Economy

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video, Ron Agam, SAP Signavio, and Noam Perski, Palantir, discuss the power of data analytics at DLD Munich 2022
In this DLD22 session, Ron Agam (SAP Signavio) and Noam Perski (Palantir) discuss the power of data analytics and how it could help to create an autonomous, intelligent enterprise. The vision of autonomy in an organization is about “something that’s really more…
Jan Kupfer, HypoVereinsbank), Angela Titzrath, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG, and Georg Meck, Focus Money, discuss supply chains, nearshoring and the global economy at DLD Munich 2023
Globalization has been driving economic growth for decades. Goods being shipped around the world, money flowing freely across country borders, manufacturers relying on parts from many different countries. But recent world events have shown how fragile this system can be. What’s the…
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