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Why the Circular Economy Is the Future
Grow equals wealth – that’s been the dominant equation in business for decades. But the hunger for growth also leads to existential problems for mankind and the entire planet. When it comes to polluti…
Noise: The Secret Enemy of Good Decision-Making
How would you feel if your bathroom scales showed wildly different results every morning? One day you’ve supposedly gained weight, the next day you’re trim and slim again. You might be tempted to thro…

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Margaret Heffernan, author, DLD conference

Make Uncertainty Your Friend!

Don’t try to fight uncertainty, learn to manage it, author and consultant Margaret Heffernan says. Watch her DLD Sync session with Niki Kolev about better ways to deal with risk.

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Trust, fear, symbolic image

Trust and the Pandemic

Public confidence in companies has fallen in the coronavirus crisis, survey data shows. Communications experts Margot and Richard Edelman explain what business leaders can do to win back trust.

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