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NASA, Earth, globe, satellite image
Employing money to make more money, that used to be the main goal of investing – until Wall Street developed a sense of purpose. Now margins and returns are not enough anymore. The dollars and euros t…
Trust, fear, symbolic image
In the spring of 2020, as the world plunged into into its greatest crisis in decades, market researchers at the communications giant Edelman made a surprising discovery: Their newest survey showed tha…
Isabell Welpe, Albert Wenger
What’s the price of a human life? How do markets reward long-term research and prevention – if a payoff for investors may never come? “Obviously this crisis comes at great human cost”, Albert Wenger, …
Andrew Keen, DLD
Andrew Keen is a writer, speaker and entrepreneur. In his latest book, How To Fix The Future, he analyzes the intricate interplay between technology, society and democracy. For this essay, we asked hi…
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