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Bettina Warburg, left, and Marjorie Hernandez discuss Web3 applications at the DLD Munich 2024 conference.
In their insightful DLD24 conversation, investor Bettina Warburg and entrepreneur Marjorie Hernandez (LUKSO) analyze the progress being made in Web3 and blockchain despite recent challenges. They discuss the potential of Web3 to transform industries, key infrastructure improvements, the importance of standards, decentralized…
Bo Bai, MetaVerse Green Exchange, Simon Leicht, Possible Ventures, and Christian Teichmann, Burda Principal Investments, discuss real-world web3 and blockchain applications
Which real-world benefits can blockchain tokens and other web3 technologies bring to business and society? This DLD Munich session highlights two examples: carbon trading and social networks. In conversation with Christian Teichmann (Burda Principal Investments), Bo Bai (MetaVerse Green Exchange) and Simon…
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