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Joshua Browder, Eva-Valerie Gfrerer, and Michele Romanow discuss innovative approaches to investing with Andreas Liebl at DLD Munich 2022
Technology can radically improve the chances of success for startup founders and investors alike, as this DLD Munich session with Eva-Valérie Gfrerer (Morphais), Michele Romanow (Clearco), Joshua Browder (DoNotPay) and Andreas Liebl (appliedAI) shows. Access to capital is the main hurdle entrepreneurs…
Joost van Dreunen (NYU Stern School of Business), Micaela Mantegna (Abogamer and Lawyer) and Oana Ruxandra (Warner Music Group) discuss the future of videogames at the DLD Munich Conference 2023
Games are an integral part of today’s entertainment culture. Now, with artificial intelligence thrown in the mix, the question is: How will humans continue to express themselves and create meaning against a background of generative AI and other automations of online culture?…
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