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Panel discussion about media and society at the DLD Munich 2023 conference with Linda Hinz, Katja Speck, Alexandra Borchardt, Ana-Cristina Grohnert and Florian Festl
Bad news, name calling, fights on social media: There is a lot of negative content we’re exposed to on a daily basis. This DLD23 panel discussion asks which factors cause this phenomenon and explores what all the negativity does to us, to…
Margot Edelman presents key insights from her company’s Edelman Trust Barometer at the DLD Munich Conference 2023
This DLD 23 session offers a fascinating deep dive into the world of brands, business, tech and trust. Each year, Global Communications giant Edelman publishes its insightful Edelman Trust Barometer. Margot Edelman, who is the Deputy General Manager of the company’s New…
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