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Vlad Ciurca (Techsylvania), Irina Obushtarova (The Recursive), Patrick Warnking (Google) and Kai Isand, (Latidude59) on stage at the DLD Munich Conference 2024.
Many see Central and Eastern Europe as the next frontier of European innovation, as you’ll hear in this DLD24 panel discussion that focuses on a fast-growing region that stretches from Baltic states like Estonia and Lithuania to the Balkans. In conversation with…
Panel discussion at the DLD conference with Saskia Bruysten, Yunus Social Business); Coen van Oostrom, EDGE; Ruma Bose, Clearco; Matthew Bishop, Social Progress Imperative; and Lisa Witter, Apolitical Foundation
It’s hard to change the world all on your own. But when you find the right partner, anything is possible. This conversation features a group of speakers who have dedicated their careers to making the world a better place – by finding…
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