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Rolf Dobelli, Covid-19, DLD All Stars, video
What’s the best way to get through the corona crisis and deal with the mental stress induced by the pandemic? Rolf Dobelli recommends stoicism – the art of enduring hardship by strengthening the mind. “Our brain is an opinion volcano”, he says…
Panelists on stage at the DLD AI Summit 2023, from left to right: David Kirkpatrick (Techonomy), Manon Sarah Littek (Green Generation Fund), Markus Löffler (Palantir Technologies), Bernhard Kowatsch (UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator) and Odin Mühlenbein (Ashoka AI Lab).
This DLD session is all about the benefits that AI can bring to the world. The panel brings together experts from business, investing and the United Nations, featuring Manon Littek (Green Generation Fund); Bernhard Kowatsch (United Nations World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator);…
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