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Greg Williams (WIRED UK), Priscilla Chomba-Kinywa (Greenpeace International), Peter Koerte (Siemens) and Christina Raab (Accenture) on stage at DLD Munich Conference 2023
Change is hard – really hard! For companies even more than for people. This talk features three top experts in leadership and change management to share their expertise on how to move companies into the future in uncertain times. The discussion is…
Experts discuss how quantum computing can help battle climate change, DLD Munich, video
How can quantum computing have a gigaton impact on decarbonization? This expert discussion moderated by Deborah Berebichez (VTT) highlights the most promising applications for next-generation supercomputers. The panelists are Philipp Ernst (McKinsey), Hildegard Müller (Automotive Industry Association), Jeremy O’Brien (PsiQuantum) and Markus…
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