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Panel discussion about changing the food ecosystem with David Bucca, Olaf Koch, Henrik Stamm Kristensen and Manon Littek
David Bucca
Change Foods
Portrait of David Bucca, Founder & CEO of Change Foods

David Bucca is the founder and CEO of Change Foods, a precision fermentation food tech company creating animal-free dairy products, starting with cheese. He was previously an aerospace engineering leader at Boeing for over 13 years.

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Henrik Stamm Kristensen
Portrait of Blendhub founder Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Henrik Stamm Kristensen is a Danish serial food-tech entrepreneur and founder of Blendhub. The company aims to optimize supply chains in the food industry and save resources by using local raw materials and supplying local markets.

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Manon Littek
Green Generation Fund
Portrait photo of Manon Littek, Founding Partner, Green Generation Fund

Manon Littek is Founding Partner of the Green Generation Fund, a 100M venture capital investment fund that focuses on early-stage sustainable food tech and green tech companies in Europe and the U.S.

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Olaf Koch
Portrait of Olaf Koch, Partner at Zintinus

Olaf Koch, Partner at Zintinus, is an experienced food industry executive with deep tech roots. Throughout his career he has promoted young companies and paid special attention to sustainability.

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Satya Tripathi
Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet
Portrait image of Satya Tripathi, Secretary-General of the Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet

Satya Tripathi is Secretary-General of the Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet, an NGO that focuses on identifying champions and incubating ideas with system-scale potential and leveraging private finance for public good.

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