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Philipp Justus, Christophe Maire, David Rowan and Erin Beilharz discuss technology for good at DLD Munich


Philipp Justus

Portrait of Google executive Philipp Justus

As Managing Director Germany and Vice President Central Europe, Philipp Justus leads Google’s business and operations in 34 countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and CEE.

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Christophe Maire

Christophe Maire, investor, FoodLabs

Christophe F. Maire is a purpose-driven investor and Founding Partner of FoodLabs in Berlin, which backs entrepreneurs who tackle some of the most pressing challenges of our time, such as reducing CO2 emissions and improving food security and healthcare.

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David Rowan

Journalist and investor David Rowan

David Rowan is the founder of VOYAGERS, a community that aims to brings together mission-driven people to accelerate positive impact. Previously he was founding Editor-in-Chief of WIRED magazine’s UK edition.

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Erin Beilharz

Lufthansa Group
Portrait of Erin Beilharz, Managing Director of the Lufthansa Group CleanTech Hub

Erin Beilharz, Managing Director of the Lufthansa Group CleanTech Hub, is tasked with identifying, sourcing, implementing, and scaling technology to transform Lufthansa Group Airlines flight operations to reach their 2050 net zero target. She has a background in logistics, aviation, IT, and is passionate about innovation.

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