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Mark Schmitz, Christian Bailly, Fabian Heilemann and Gloria Baeuerlein discuss the state of venture investing at DLD Munich


Mark Schmitz

Portrait of Mark Schmitz, CEO of equation

Mark Schmitz is the Co-founder and CEO of equation, a data-centric and technology-led investment firm supporting emerging fund managers. Previously he was a member of the founding team at VC firm Lakestar.

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Fabian Heilemann

Florian Heilemann, Founder and CEO, AENU

Dr. Fabian Heilemann is a venture capitalist, serial-entrepreneur and impact-investor. As founder and CEO of investment firm AENU, he aims to rewrite the VC rulebook for the benefit of founders, investors, planet and society.

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Gloria Baeuerlein

Glorious Capital
Portrait of angel investor Gloria Baeuerlein, Glorious Capital

Gloria Baeuerlein is a full-time angel investor who has backed more than 25 exceptional European founding teams. She was the Chief Operating Officer of Back, a Berlin-based software startup that was acquired by Personio.

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