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DLD Chairman Yossi Vardi and Jacob Helberg (Palantir) discuss geopolitics at the DLD Munich 2024 conference.


Jacob Helberg

Palantir Technologies
Portrait image of security expert Jacob Helberg

Jacob Helberg serves as a Senior Policy Advisor to the CEO of Palantir Technologies, where he leads efforts to explore national security trends, changes in the global security landscape and emerging tech policy issues. He also serves as Commissioner of the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

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Yossi Vardi

DLD Conference
Portrait of DLD Chairman Yossi Vardi

Dr. Joseph (Yossi) Vardi is a co-chairman of DLD. With 40 years experience in building over 60 high-tech companies, he is one of Israel’s early entrepreneurs. Yossi co-pioneered instant messaging as the founding investor and the former Chairman of Mirabilis Ltd., creator of ICQ, later acquired by AOL.

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