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Industry experts discuss renewble energies at DLD Circular 2023. The panelists are, left to right: Matthias Ballweg, (CIRCULAR REPBULIC); Sebastian-Justus Schmidt (Enapter); Francesco Sciortino (Proxima Fusion); Christian Hartel (Wacker Chemie)


Matthias Ballweg

Circular Republic at UnternehmerTUM
Profile image of circular economy expert Matthias Ballweg, co-founder of Circular Republic at UnternehmerTUM in Munich

Matthias Ballweg is co-founder of Circular Republic at UnternehmerTUM, which inspires and empowers a network of change-makers in the circular economy. Previously, Matthias Ballweg was co-leader of the global Circular Economy Platform at Systemiq and authored influential studies on the implementation of the European Green Deal.

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Christian Hartel

Wacker Chemie AG
Portrait image of Dr. Christian Hartel, CEO of Wacker Chemie AG

Dr. Christian Hartel is President & CEO of Wacker Chemie AG, a chemical-sector company that aims to strike a balance between economic, ecological and social responsibilities. Dr. Hartel is also Vice President of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI).

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Francesco Sciortino

Proxima Fusion
Profile image of Francesco Sciortino, Co-Founder & CEO of cleantech startup Proxima Fusion

Francesco Sciortino is a co-founder and CEO of Proxima Fusion, which aims to deliver fusion energy as a viable energy source. Proxima Fusion is the first-ever spin-out company from the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics.

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Sebastian-Justus Schmidt

Profile image of Enapter founder Sebastian-Justus Schmidt

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt was a software entrepreneur for 30 years before he founded Enapter. The company has developed patented AEM electrolysers that turn renewable electricity into green hydrogen, a technology that was awarded the Earthshot prize of the Royal Foundation in 2021.

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