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Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of the Eurasian Resources Group, shows rare metals that go into batteries of electric vehicles to attendees of the DLD Circular 2023 conference. In the background, tozero co-founder Sarah Fleischer watches, smiling.


Benedikt Sobotka

Eurasian Resources Group
Portrait image of Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of Eurasian Resources Group (ERG)

Benedikt Sobotka is the CEO of Eurasian Resources Group, an international company headquartered in Luxembourg. He has extensive experience in the mining and energy sectors. As a former member of BCG, he has advised multiple leading companies worldwide.

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Sarah Fleischer

Profile image of Sarah Fleischer, Co-founder and CEO of circular economy startup tozero

Sarah Fleischer is the co-founder and CEO of tozero, which is developing a process to recover critical materials from lithium-ion batteries. Previously, she co-founded two startups and was an advisor to the Luxembourg Space Agency.

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Michael Smith

Profile image of Michael Smith, Co-Founder and General Partner at venture fund Regeneration.VC

Michael Smith is a Co-Founder and General Partner at Regeneration.VC, an early stage venture fund that focuses on Consumer ClimateTech – the technical interventions required to help consumer businesses achieve their environmental targets.

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Niclas-Alexander Mauss

Circular Republic at UnternehmerTUM
Profile image of circular economy expert Niclas-Alexander Mauss, co-founder of Circular Republic at UnternehmerTUM, Munich

Niclas-Alexander Mauss is co-founder of Circular Republic at UnternehmerTUM. While working on his doctorate he initiated CirculaTUM as now largest circular economy research hub in Germany, embedding circularity as a major strategic pillar of the university.

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