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Walter Link (NOW Partners), Laura Santucci (Future Economy Forum) and Jaqueline Illy (Amarey) speak at DLD Circular 2023 in Munich


Jaqueline Illy

Portrait image of Jaqueline Illy, co-founder of Italian natural cosmetics brands Amarey

Jaqueline Illy is a science communicator and co-founder of Amarey – a bioscience company that extracts active ingredients from coffee to produce the world’s first functional skincare made from regenerated coffee extracts.

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Walter Link

NOW Partners
Portrait image of Walter Link, Founder and CEO of NOW Partners

As CEO of NOW Partners, Walter Link supports international companies and regions like the Amazon to transition towards Regenerative Value Creation which integrates economic success with the regeneration of people and nature. He is also the President of the Future Economy Forum.

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Laura Santucci

Future Economy Forum
Portrait image of Laura Santucci, Co-Founder of the Future Economy Forum

Laura Santucci is Co-Founder of the Future Economy Forum. She is a seasoned leader in politics and public policy having served at the highest levels of government including as Chief of Staff in President Barack Obama’s White House Office of Political Affairs.

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