DLD Video

Yaakov Nahmias, founder of Tissue Dynamics, speaks with Jennifer Schenker of The Innovator about breakthroughs in biotechnology and medicine at DLD Munich

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video, Ron Agam, SAP Signavio, and Noam Perski, Palantir, discuss the power of data analytics at DLD Munich 2022
In this DLD22 session, Ron Agam (SAP Signavio) and Noam Perski (Palantir) discuss the power of data analytics and how it could help to create an autonomous, intelligent enterprise. The vision of autonomy…
video, argodesign founder Mark Rolston explains his vision of the metaverse at DLD Munich 2022
Is the metaverse “where it’s all going?” Designer Mark Rolston, a pioneer of the digital transformation, hears this question a lot. Many of his customers want to know, and in his brief but…
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