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Researcher Hendrik Dietz of Technical University Munich shows how DNA can be used for nano robotics


Hendrik Dietz

Technical University Munich
Profile image of scientist Hendrik Dietz

Hendrik Dietz is a renowned physicist and leader in the field of DNA nanotechnology. A winner of several awards, he leads the Bionanotech & Molecular Robotics Lab at Technical University Munich.

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Christian Sigl

Profile image of Capsitech founder Christian Sigl

An expert in DNA nanotechnology, Christian Sigl is the founder and CEO of capsitec, a healthtech startup that has developed a programmable antiviral drug platform called “virus trap.”

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Jean-Philippe Sobczak

Tilibit Nanosystems
Portrait of Jean-Philippe Sobczak, CEO of tilibit nanosystems

Jean-Philippe Sobczak is the CEO of tilibit nanosystems, a company at the intersection of nanotechnology, health, and sensing. The technology is based on Sobczak’s research developing improved methods for producing nanostructures.

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Klaus Wagenbauer

Plectonic Biotech
Profile image of Klaus Wagenbauer, CEO of Plectonic Biotech

Klaus Wagenbauer is one of the inventors of the “Logibody” technology and the CEO of Plectonic Biotech, a spin-out from the Technical University of Munich that aims to use DNA nanotechnology to fight cancer.

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Nicola Kegel

Portrait of Nicola Kegel, CEO of Nanogami

Nicola Kegel is CEO of Nanogami, a startup that develops DNA origami nanotechnology for molecular diagnostics and cancer treatment. In addition, she serves as an Innovation Manager for the Federal Agency of Disruptive Innovation (SPRIN-D).

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