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September 7, 2021 • BMW Welt Munich

Thank you for joining us – online and offline – for our hybrid conference on the circular economy, co-hosted by BMW Group!

Covid-19 restrictions limited our in-person audience, but you’ll find videos of all sessions below. For live impressions posted on Twitter, please look for the hashtag #DLDcircular

DLD Circular: Session by Session

What business strategies does a circular economy require? How does “sustainability first” differ from the current way of doing business? Where’s the urgency in making this shift – and what opportunities does it offer? In this DLD Circular…
Chris Grantham
Jens Thiemer
“What will our civilization 3.0 look like?”, author Parag Khanna asks in his DLD Circular presentation. His prediction: “It will definitely be mobile, it needs to be sustainable, and therefore it needs to be a circular civilization.” Khanna…
Parag Khanna
There are many new ways to prevent food waste and electronic waste, as this DLD Circular session shows. Moderated by Fritz Oidtmann (Acton Capital), three entrepreneurs from the U.K. and Germany illustrate how digital services can become…
Alexander Piutti
Emilie Vanpoperinghe
Fritz Oidtmann
Kilian Kaminski
Renowned architect Francis Kéré is known for his daring, innovative designs and for pioneering sustainable modes of construction. In this engaging DLD Circular presentation, Kéré combines personal observations with the urgent need to…
Francis Kéré
What is the role of consumers in a circular economy? How can buyers really make a difference? And when does shifting to a sustainable lifestyle become the norm? These questions lie at the core of this DLD Circular discussion between Kristina…
Greg Williams
Kristina Kloberdanz
Nachson Mimran
In this passionate plea for sustainable food production, SimpliiGood founder Lior Shalev explains why the current system is broken, and suggests ways to fix it. At present, food production is responsible for one quarter of greenhouse gas…
Lior Shalev
Growing up on a farm in Uruguay, fashion designer Gabriela Hearst learned to value nature’s resources and make the most of them. “A farm, overall, is the highest example of circularity”, she observes in this DLD Circular conversation with…
Gabriela Hearst
Hans Ulrich Obrist
World-famous artists Es Devlin and Hans Zimmer come together in this DLD session to share their perspectives on sustainability and a circular economy with moderator Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries). Devlin has been called “t…
Es Devlin
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Hans Zimmer
Increasingly, customers and investors expect companies to act in socially responsible ways and shift to sustainable business models. BMW Group board member Ilka Horstmeier and Bloomberg Media’s Anne Kawalerski discuss how corporate…
Anne Kawalerski
Ilka Horstmeier
In their DLD Circular presentation, McKinsey analysts Solveigh Hieronimus and Stefan Helmcke analyze in detail how Europe can reach its stated goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. There are many challenges, such as the continent’s political…
Solveigh Hieronimus
Stefan Helmcke
Infrastructure plays a crucial role in making the economy more efficient and saving resources, as this DLD Circular conversation between Victoria Ossadnik (E.On), Markus Haas (Telefónica Germany) and Ann-Kristin Achleitner (Technical…
Ann-Kristin Achleitner
Markus Haas
Victoria Ossadnik
This remarkable DLD Circular session brings together three of the most astute observers of cultural and societal change in the digital age: author Douglas Coupland, writer and curator Shumon Basar and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director…
Douglas Coupland
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Shumon Basar
The coronavirus pandemic prompted director Liam Young to think about Earth as Planet City: an imaginary world of soon ten billion people, all living in a planet-wide, “unevenly distributed megastructure”, a man-made environment connected…
Liam Young

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