Anne Kawalerski

Anne Kawalerski, Bloomberg

Bloomberg Media

Anne Kawalerski is the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Bloomberg Media, where she oversees all of Bloomberg Media’s marketing initiatives. Anne has played an integral role in building the Bloomberg Media brand and is responsible for managing and enhancing it internally and externally.

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Ilka Horstmeier, BMW, Anne Kawalerski, Bloomberg Media, DLD Circular, sustainability, brands, leadership, management, talk, video

Leading a Circular Transformation

Increasingly, customers and investors expect companies to act in socially responsible ways and shift to sustainable business models. BMW Group board member Ilka Horstmeier and Bloomberg Media’s Anne Kawalerski discuss how corporate leaders can successfully manage this transition. The automobile industry is a perfect case study, as Ilka Horstmeier notes at the outset of the…
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