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Gabriela Hearst

Gabriela Hearst, ethical fashion, Chloe

Gabriela Hearst is the Creative Director for Chloé. Her commitment is to make a strong and modern collection without compromising ethics and key values, taking into consideration where materials come from and who is making them. In 2020, the British Fashion Council awarded Gabriela as an Environment Honoree for her contribution in creating positive change within the industry.

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Hans Ulrich Obrist

Serpentine Galleries
Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director, Serpentine Galleries

Hans Ulrich Obrist is Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries, London. Prior to this, he was the Curator of the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Since 1991 he has curated more than 250 shows. Obrist’s publications include A Brief History of Curating, Project Japan: Metabolism Talks with Rem Koolhaas, Do It: The Compendium, Think Like Clouds and Ai Weiwei Speaks.

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