Hans Ulrich Obrist

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director, Serpentine Galleries

Serpentine Galleries

Hans Ulrich Obrist is Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries, London. Prior to this, he was the Curator of the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Since 1991 he has curated more than 250 shows. Obrist’s publications include A Brief History of Curating, Project Japan: Metabolism Talks with Rem Koolhaas, Do It: The Compendium, Think Like Clouds and Ai Weiwei Speaks.


Art curator Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries) discusses AI and creativity with artists Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst at the DLD Munich 2024 conference.

Infinite AI

Artists Holly Herdon and Mat Dryhurst are known for their pioneering work at the intersection of art, technology and AI. In their DLD24 conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries) they share how they originally met, recording one of the earliest podcasts ever and what fascinates them about artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital twins and other…
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Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries), book maker Irma Boom and architect Rem Koolhaas on stage at the DLD Munich 2024 conference.

Urgent Books in the Digital Age

This DLD24 session is a treat for book lovers and anyone interested in graphic design, art and culture. In conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries), graphic designer Irma Boom and famous architect Rem Koolhaas share details about their long collaboration on book projects, large and small. “This is a great, great collaboration. We could…
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Poet Sasha Stiles in conversation with Serpentine Galleries Artistic Director Hans Ulrich Obrist at the DLD Munich conference 2024. Both sit on stage, the focus is on Stiles, on the right, speaking, with an example of AI art behind her on a video screen.

Poetry in the Age of AI

Pioneering poet and AI researcher Sasha Stiles explores art at the intersection of cutting-edge technology. In her DLD24 conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries), she explains why she sees language as an ancient form of data storage, describes her interest in experiential poetry and discusses her work with Gucci and Christie’s using blockchain technology.…
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Legendary filmmaker Alexander Kluge presents his film “Animals of the Milky Way” at the DLD Munich 2023 conference

Animals of the Milky Way

In his short film “Animals of the Milky Way” renowned German filmmaker Alexander Kluge presents an entirely a new perspective of the Milky Way, with the soundtrack provided by none other than former planet Pluto. Watch in awe and prepare to be enlightened. Kluge puts his work in perspective in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist,…
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Serpentine Galleries Art Director Hans Ulrich Obrist in conversation with artists Dmitri Cherniak, Gabriel Massan and IX Shells at the DLD Munich Conference 2023

It’s Natural to Be a Machine

Generative AI poses new questions and opens new horizons all across culture, creativity and the arts. This DLD Munich session features Serpentine Galleries Artistic Director Hans Ulrich Obrist in conversation with artists Dmitri Cherniak, Gabriel Massan and IX Shells.
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Fashion designers Giuliano Calza (GCDS) and Arnaud Vaillant (Coperni) with Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries) on stage at the DLD Munich Conference 2023

Future of Fashion – A Brave Outlook

In this DLD23 session, two creative trailblazers take a look at the latest innovations in the fashion industry: Arnaud Vaillant, CEO and Co-Founder of French ready-to-wear fashion brand Coperni, and Giuliano Calza, founder and creative director of Milan streetwear label GCDS. Even if you don’t usually follow fashion, you will still have come across some…
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Artist Jota Mombaça and Hans Ulrich Obrist in conversation at DLD Munich 2022

In the Tired Watering

Interdisciplinary artist Jota Mombaça and Serpentine Galleries Art Director Hans Ulrich Obrist discuss Mombaça’s latest work, a performance at the Art Biennale 2022 in Venice called “In the Tired Watering”. The performance was built on a series of rhythmic chants and unraveling of fabric that left many visitors mystified. “I wanted to express what water…
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Refik Anadol, Emily Segal, Rafaël Rozendaal and Hans Ulrich Obrist discuss NFTs in art at DLD Munich

Art, Markets and Disruption: A Seismographic Journey to NFTs

Cryptographic ownership certificates are becoming an integral part of the art world. In a session moderated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, artists Emily Segal, Refik Anadol and Rafaël Rozendaal discuss the value that NFTs can bring to creatives. Segal confesses that she was skeptical when she first heard of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. “A lot of my…
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Douglas Coupland, Shumon Basar, Hans Ulrich Obrist, The Extreme Self, Age of Earthquakes, DLD, talk, video

The Extreme Self

This remarkable DLD Circular session brings together three of the most astute observers of cultural and societal change in the digital age: author Douglas Coupland, writer and curator Shumon Basar and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director of London’s Serpentine Galleries. Together, they discuss insights from their first book, The Age of Earthquakes, speak about their…
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Es Devlin, Hans Zimmer, circularity, circular economy, sustainability, art, artists, creativity, DLD Circular, Obrist, video, talk

An Artistic View of Circularity

World-famous artists Es Devlin and Hans Zimmer come together in this DLD session to share their perspectives on sustainability and a circular economy with moderator Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries). Devlin has been called “the world’s most influential set designer” by The Observer and is known for “performative sculptures”, as she calls them, that fuse…
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Gabriela Hearst, sustainability, fashion, circular economy, DLD Circular, Hans Ulrich Obrist, video

Making Fashion Sustainable And Circular

Growing up on a farm in Uruguay, fashion designer Gabriela Hearst learned to value nature’s resources and make the most of them. “A farm, overall, is the highest example of circularity”, she observes in this DLD Circular conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist. “You can have as much as the Earth lets you have there.” Hearst…
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Mariya Gabriel, Hans Ulrich Obrist, DLD All Stars

The New Deal for Innovation

With its New European Bauhaus initiative the EU Commission aims to bring together innovators from different backgrounds to develop creative solutions for a better tomorrow. “In one sentence, it’s a cultural, environmental and economic project, because it has the ambition to make our Green Deal a cultural, human centered, positive and tangible experience”, EU Commissioner…
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Cover image collage of the DLD magazine The Promptah, second issue, showing a colorful drawing of Immanuel Kant and photos of Sarah Spiekermann, Tunde Onakoya, Gary Marcus and Holly Herndon.

The Promptah No. 2: “Dare to Know!”

The second issue of DLD’s people magazine for curious minds celebrates Immanuel Kant’s 300th birthday and explores the dawn of a new age of enlightenment.
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Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries, seen inside the 2023 pavilion holding an iPad

“Art for All, Open to Everyone.” Meet London’s Serpentine Galleries

Get the inside view on one of the world’s leading cultural institutions, as Artistic Director Hans Ulrich Obrist explains Serpentine’s mission and how he came to be DLD’s creative pathfinder as well.
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trends in digital arts and culture discusses at DLD Munich 2022

Vibes of Tomorrow: Art & Culture at DLD22

What’s the sound of climate change, the shape of data and the real value of NFTs? Discover highlights of the culture and art sessions at DLD Munich.
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DLD All Stars, arts, culture, talks

The Art of Planetary Storytelling

Discover highlights from our arts and culture talks at DLD All Stars, with international top speakers from culture, science, politics and business…
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DLD All Stars highlights

Key Insights: What We Learned at DLD All Stars

A world in crisis is also a world  of opportunities. This was on full display at DLD All Stars, our three-day online conference that featured top speakers from politics, business, science and culture. The event illustrated the wealth of opportunities that arise when different disciplines inspire each other – with art meeting technology, AI speeding…
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DLD Europe 2020

Europe: Powerhouse of Innovation

Top research, growing investments and a lively startup culture give Europe a good chance to become an innovation leader. DLD Europe 2020 showed how.
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Brian Eno, portrait, Shamil Tanna

Listen To the Nuzik: Brian Eno on Art, Earth And Humanity

Musician Brian Eno is an eager explorer of connections between art, science and society. His DLD Sync session was full of wondrous insights and enlightening moments.
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Virus, petri dish, lab work

Coronavirus: Managing A Crisis That Changes Everything

Drowning in news about the Covid-19 pandemic? We’ve created an overview of reliable sources, expert voices, studies and interactive tools. Take a look!
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DLD20, DLD logo, woman, smartphone

Quick Take: Highlights of DLD20

An astronaut, a Nobel Prize winner, a chess champion, many champions of a sustainable future: Take a look at select videos of DLD20.
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Frank Appel (Deutsche Post DHL), Carsten Knop (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) DLD Munich Conference 2019, innovation conference

#DLD19 Recap: Everything Must Change

“Adapt or die” has been nature’s governing principle since the beginning of time. Humans are experts at adjusting to change – and entrepreneurs cherish the opportunities that technological progress brings. But rarely has the pace of change felt as relentless as in the digital age. Companies need to reinvent themselves constantly to survive and their…
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Evgeny Morozov, DLD 2018

“A credible source is not defined by its popularity”

Art, culture and design are always important topics at DLD. This year co-founder Steffi Czerny was very happy to welcome Hito Steyerl. The German filmmaker, visual artist, writer and innovator of the essay documentary is known for taking a strong political stand and has just been named the most influential person in contemporary art. Steyerl is the first…
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Amazon CTO Werner Vogels speaks to a packed audience at the DLD Munich conference 2024

DLD Munich 2024

DLD Munich is Europe’s leading innovation conference. DLD24 brought together experts from business, science and culture. Revisit this exciting event here with talks, videos, images…
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Stage at DLD Munich 2023, Europe’s leading innovation conference, at Serviceplan’s House of Communication

DLD Munich 2023

Highlights of DLD Munich 2023: Find videos, images and speakers of Europe’s leading innovation conference in one place…
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