Nachson Mimran

Nachson Mimran

Nachson Mimran is a father, entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Founded in 2015 by Nachson and his brother Arieh Mimran, is a venture fund, foundation, and collection of creative endeavors, all focused on accelerating Earth’s most vital ventures.

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Kristina Kloberdanz, Mastercard, Nachson Mimran,, sustainability, business change, climate neutrality, Greg Williams, video, DLD Circular

Building a Sustainable Digital Economy

What is the role of consumers in a circular economy? How can buyers really make a difference? And when does shifting to a sustainable lifestyle become the norm? These questions lie at the core of this DLD Circular discussion between Kristina Kloberdanz (Mastercard) and Swiss philanthropist and investor Nachson Mimran (, moderated by WIRED UK…
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