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Ilka Horstmeier is a Member of the Board of Management of BMW Group, responsible for Human Resources, and the company’s Labor Relations Director. She actively shapes the transformation and stands for social responsibility due to her firm conviction that “the employees guarantee the success of the BMW Group”.


Melanie Maas-Brunner (BASF), Ilka Horstmeier (BMW Group) and Solveigh Hieronimus, (McKinsey & Company) discuss sustainability in business at the DLD Circular 2023 conference in Munich

Rewiring Industry for a New Era

What will it take to transform industries, the engines of European wealth creation, for the age of sustainability and a circular economy? That’s the key question at the core of this engaging expert discussion between Ilka Horstmeier (BMW Group), Melanie Maas-Brunner (BASF) and Solveigh Hieronimus (McKinsey & Company). “For me, ‘Rewiring Industry’ is really the…
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Ilka Horstmeier, BMW Group, and Sarah Spiekermann, WU Vienna, discuss responsible leadership with DLD founder Steffi Czerny

Shaping Transformation Through Responsible Leadership

Successfully shaping the digital transformation requires ethics, values and responsible leadership, this DLD Munich session with Ilka Horstmeier (BMW Group) and Sarah Spiekermann (WU Vienna), moderated by DLD founder Steffi Czerny, shows. A leading expert in digital ethics, Spiekermann helped develop a new IEEE standard on Value-Based Engineering. The ideas was to create a value…
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Leading a Circular Transformation

Increasingly, customers and investors expect companies to act in socially responsible ways and shift to sustainable business models. BMW Group board member Ilka Horstmeier and Bloomberg Media’s Anne Kawalerski discuss how corporate leaders can successfully manage this transition. The automobile industry is a perfect case study, as Ilka Horstmeier notes at the outset of the…
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DLD Circular 2023

This event explored the vision of a circular economy and how technological advances can foster innovative business concepts and societal transformation – shaping a sustainable world.
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