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September 6, 2023 • Amerikahaus, Munich

We explored the vision of a circular economy to find out how the latest technological advances can foster innovative business concepts and societal transformation – shaping a sustainable world.

Watch the videos to gain insights into the latest trends, challenges, and best practices in circular economy across various industries and sectors, including circular design, circular supply chains, circular cities, circular marketplaces, and more.


  • Portrait image of journalist and author Amit Katwala
    Amit Katwala

    Amit Katwala

    Amit Katwala is a writer and editor at WIRED in London, where he covers science, culture and areas where both collide. He co-hosts the All Consuming podcast for BBC Radio 4, and is the author of three books, most recently Tremors in the Blood: Murder, Obsession and the Birth of the Lie Detector.

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  • Andrew Keen, author
    Andrew Keen

    Andrew Keen

    Andrew Keen is one of the world’s best known and controversial commentators on the digital revolution. He has written five books including the best-selling Cult of the Amateur, The Internet Is Not The Answer and How To Fix The Future.  He directed and wrote the 2020 movie How To Fix Democracy and is the host of the popular podcast Keen On Capitalism.

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  • Portrait image of Aron Gelbard, Co-Founder of Bloom & Wild
    Aron Gelbard
    Bloom & Wild

    Aron Gelbard

    Aron Gelbard is a co-founder of Bloom & Wild, Europe’s leading direct-to-consumer flower and gifting platform, which has been certified carbon neutral since 2020. Gelbhard is also an angel investor, including in Carbon 13 and Eka Ventures, and participates in Founders Pledge.

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  • Profile image of zoologist Auguste von Bayern with a parrot on her shoulder
    Auguste von Bayern

    Auguste von Bayern

    Auguste von Bayern is a zoologist who seeks to understand how animals think. Her research interests comprise innovative and flexible reasoning skills and vocal learning abilities of parrots. Auguste graduated in Zoology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

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  • Portrait image of Axel Roenneke, Chief Commercial Officer of OroraTech
    Axel Roenneke

    Axel Roenneke

    Axel Roenneke is Chief Commercial Officer of OroraTech, a global leader in space-based thermal intelligence, measuring the Earth’s temperature from space in real-time, day or night. Roenneke is a space business veteran with focus on new business, strategy and growth.

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  • Profile image of Bart Nijsink, Head of Fundraising and Partnerships at the Sheltersuit Foundation
    Bart Nijsink
    Sheltersuit Foundation

    Bart Nijsink

    Bart Nijsink is Head of Fundraising and Partnerships at the Sheltersuit Foundation, a Dutch NGO focused on having a positive impact on society and the environment. Sheltersuit products are made from repurposed textile waste and distributed to aid organizations worldwide and help people who became homeless due to war, natural disasters or economic reasons.

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  • Profile image of ecological farmer and agricultural economist Benedikt Bösel
    Benedikt Bösel
    Gut & Bösel

    Benedikt Bösel

    Agricultural economist Benedikt Bösel is the founder and managing director of Gut & Bösel, a regenerative farm near Berlin. He also founded the Finck foundation whose mission is to test and develop different forms of multifunctional land use – such as agroforestry, holistic grazing and syntropic agriculture.

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  • Portrait image of Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of Eurasian Resources Group (ERG)
    Benedikt Sobotka
    Eurasian Resources Group

    Benedikt Sobotka

    Benedikt Sobotka is the CEO of Eurasian Resources Group, an international company headquartered in Luxembourg. He has extensive experience in the mining and energy sectors. As a former member of BCG, he has advised multiple leading companies worldwide.

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Munich mayor Katrin Habenschaden speaks at DLD Circular 2023 in front of a colorful background

Welcome to Munich

In her DLD Circular 23 welcome speech, the mayor of Munich, Katrin Habenschaden, emphasizes the importance of transitioning to a more sustainable economy. The world faces an urgent challenge from…
Author Ian Goldin (Oxford University) gives a talk about the Age of the City at DLD Circular 2023 in Munich

Age of the City

Cities are the source of creativity, innovation, and economic growth – but also inequality, pollution, and contagious diseases, Oxford professor Ian Goldin explains in his highly engaging DLD talk. Given…
Martijn Lopes Cardozo, CEO of Circle Economy, speaks at the DLD Circular 23 conference in Munich

State of Circularity

“This speech is about the state of global circularity”, Martijn Lopez Cardozo tells the audience at the outset of his DLD Circular 23 talk. The CEO of Dutch NGO Circle…
Ramona Liberoff, Executive Director of PACE, on stage at the DLD Circular 2023 conference in Munich

Will the Fifth Industrial Revolution Be Circular?

The concept of a circular economy could become a fifth industrial revolution, Ramona Liberoff argues in this passionate DLD talk. As Executive Director of PACE – short for Platform for…
Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of the Eurasian Resources Group, shows rare metals that go into batteries of electric vehicles to attendees of the DLD Circular 2023 conference. In the background, tozero co-founder Sarah Fleischer watches, smiling.

Critical Raw Materials As Key Factor for Technological Sovereignty

This DLD Circular 23 discussion focuses on critical raw materials and their importance for technologies like renewable energy and electrification. It brings together Sarah Fleischer, co-founder and CEO of tozero;…
Fashion industry experts discuss how to make garment production more sustainable. The panelists include Patrik Lundström, (Renewcell), Katrin Ley (Fashion for Good), Gudrun Messias (adidas) and David Puyuelo (Coleo)

Changing the Fashion Industry

High carbon emissions, water pollution and low recycling rates make fashion, in its current form, a dirty business. Thankfully there are many innovative solutions coming out of startups and organizations…
Bioacoustics researcher Stefan Kahl presents the BirdNET technology at DLD Circular 2023 in Munich

AI & Bioacoustics: Tracking Biodiversity with BirdNET

In this DLD talk you’ll hear about a new AI tool that can identify bird species by sound. Bioacoustics researcher Stefan Kahl is the Lead for the BirdNET project within…
Tropical biologist Frauke Fischer, co-founder of Peru Puro, on stage at the DLD Circular 2023 conference in Munich

Eat Chocolate to Save a Rainforest

If you love chocolate (or coffee) and care about the rainforest, treat yourself to this captivating DLD Circular talk by Frauke Fischer. A professor at University of Würzburg, Fischer co-founded…



Hand holding a lens ball, upside down, symbolizing economic change towards sustainability and a circular economy

Circularity: “The Biggest Obstacle Is Managing Radical Change”

Joe Iles, Programme Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, explains how the circular economy can gain traction – in business and our personal lives.
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Image of a disassembled smartphone with all its pieces lying next to each other – ready for recycling

How AI and Robots Help with E-Waste Recycling

Technology is coming to solve a problem it has created itself: AI expert Greg Ameyugo explains how robots can automate many steps of a tricky process.
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Sustainable fashion: pullover on a coat hanger with Fashion for Good label

Rethinking Fashion: “We Need to Make Sustainability the Norm”

Dressing up is fun, but garment production often harms the planet. Fashion expert Katrin Ley explains what you can do to stay stylish and help reshape the apparel industry –…
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DLD Circular 2023 preview image showing select speaker photos

DLD Circular 23: Speakers & Topics

Find out who will be on stage, and what to expect, at our second circular economy conference on September 6 in Munich.
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Portrait of Harvad university professor Martin Puchner, author of the book “Literature for a Changing Planet”

“We Need Stories that Show Human Capacity for Action”

Harvard professor Martin Puchner describes how ancient links between literature and environmentalism offer insights for a better future.
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Photo illustrating sustainability, shows a beach and a wooden sign, shaped like a foot, that says, “Only leave your footprints”

Sustainability: “Recycling Should Only Be a Last Resort”

Circular economy expert Ramona Liberoff explains how companies and consumers can make the biggest impact in reducing their environmental footprint.
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circular economy, sustainability, society, consumption, business

Why the Circular Economy Is the Future

Wasting resources is expensive and unsustainable. The circular economy promises progress by preserving natural resources and offers many new business opportunities…
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Amerikahaus Munich
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