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September 6, 2023 • Amerikahaus, Munich

We explored the vision of a circular economy to find out how the latest technological advances can foster innovative business concepts and societal transformation – shaping a sustainable world.

Watch the videos to gain insights into the latest trends, challenges, and best practices in circular economy across various industries and sectors, including circular design, circular supply chains, circular cities, circular marketplaces, and more.


  • Portrait image of Efrat Friedland, founder of consultancy materialscout
    Efrat Friedland

    Efrat Friedland

    Efrat Friedland is the founder of materialscout, which helps companies create value through the creative and sustainable implementation of materials and technologies. She is also the co-founder of Positive Plastics, a platform that presents information about polymers with a lower environmental impact. (Photo: ©Daniel Schvarcz)

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  • Profile image of Fabio Volkmann, project manager at Climate Farmers in Berlin
    Fabio Volkmann
    Climate Farmers

    Fabio Volkmann

    Fabio Volkmann is a Research Project Manager responsible for partnerships and project development at Climate Farmers, a non-profit that aims to scale regenerative agriculture in Europe. Volkmann is Climate Farmers’ coordinator for the EU-funded Benchmarks project.

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  • Profile image of Francesco Sciortino, Co-Founder & CEO of cleantech startup Proxima Fusion
    Francesco Sciortino
    Proxima Fusion

    Francesco Sciortino

    Francesco Sciortino is a co-founder and CEO of Proxima Fusion, which aims to deliver fusion energy as a viable energy source. Proxima Fusion is the first-ever spin-out company from the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics.

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  • Profile image of Dr. Frauke Fischer, university professor and co-founder of PERÚ PURO
    Frauke Fischer
    University of Würzburg / PERÚ PURO

    Frauke Fischer

    Dr. Frauke Fischer heads the Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology at the university of Würzburg. In 2015, she co-founded PERÚ PURO to provide smallholder farmers in Peru with fair market access for their high-quality, organic Chuncho cacao.

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  • Profile image of Greg Ameyugo, Head of the AI and Interactive Systems Division at CEA, the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission in France
    Greg Ameyugo

    Greg Ameyugo

    Greg Ameyugo is Head of AI and Interactive Systems at CEA, the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission in France. In 2023, his team set a new benchmark for human-robot task automation in the international Robothon challenge, focused on circular economy applications.

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  • Profile image of Gudrun Messias, Director Sustainability Direction at sportswear brand adidas
    Gudrun Messias

    Gudrun Messias

    As Director Sustainability Direction at sportswear maker adidas, Gudrun Messias is responsible for creating the company’s long- term sustainability strategy and for guiding key topics like climate change, biodiversity and circularity throughout the organization.

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  • Profile image of Hannes Schoenegger, CEO of QWSTION
    Hannes Schoenegger

    Hannes Schoenegger

    Hannes Schoenegger is co-founder and CEO of QWSTION and its award-winning Bananatex brand. QWSTION has been manufacturing bags from plants since 2008, combining functionality and timeless design with the smallest ecological and biggest social footprint possible.

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  • Portrait image of Hermann Hauser, Co-founder and Venture Partner at Amadeus Capital Partners
    Hermann Hauser
    Amadeus Capital Partners

    Hermann Hauser

    Hermann co-founded Amadeus Capital Partners in 1997 with Anne Glover. In his long and successful history as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, he has founded or co-founded companies in a wide range of technology sectors.

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Jano Costard, head of the Challenge program at Germany’s Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation, discusses the circular manufacturing competition at DLD Circular 2023 in Munich

A New Challenge: Circular Biomanufacturing

Biotechnology can enable circular manufacturing at scale and low cost, as you’ll hear from Jano Costard in this fascinating DLD Circular talk. Costard is head of the Challenge Program at…
Author Martin Puchner, who teaches literature at Harvard University, speaks about sustainability at DLD Circular 2023 in Munich

Literature for a Changing Planet

A planet in distress needs positive stories of collective human action, Harvard professor Martin Puchner argues in his DLD Circular conversation with author Andrew Keen. In his book Literature for…
Walter Link (NOW Partners), Laura Santucci (Future Economy Forum) and Jaqueline Illy (Amarey) speak at DLD Circular 2023 in Munich

Integrating Circularity with Regenerative Business and Its Human Dimension

As the circular economy transition continues to gain momentum, one of the big challenges lies in effectively aligning business success and regional economic growth with the interests of individuals, society…
Industry experts discuss sustainable materials at DLD Circular 2023 in Munich. From left to right: Marcus Behrendt (BMW i Ventures), Hannes Schoenegger (QWSTION/Bananatex). Vishaal Shah (EnvoPap), Eftrat Friedland (materialscout) and Christian Fischer (Bcomp)

Shifting towards Circularity with New Materials

Sustainable materials, such as banana fiber, agricultural waste and natural fiber composites, can replace plastics in many products, as this DLD Circular panel discussion shows. The session, moderated by Marcus…
Hermann Hauser (Amadeus Capital Partners) discusses the powe of generative AI systems at DLD Circular 2023 in Munich

The Impact of LLMs on the Circular Economy and Beyond

Generative AI systems, such as ChatGPT and DALL-E, have conquered the world of technology and business in record time. “This technology grew from zero to 100 million users in just…



Hand holding a lens ball, upside down, symbolizing economic change towards sustainability and a circular economy

Circularity: “The Biggest Obstacle Is Managing Radical Change”

Joe Iles, Programme Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, explains how the circular economy can gain traction – in business and our personal lives.
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Image of a disassembled smartphone with all its pieces lying next to each other – ready for recycling

How AI and Robots Help with E-Waste Recycling

Technology is coming to solve a problem it has created itself: AI expert Greg Ameyugo explains how robots can automate many steps of a tricky process.
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Sustainable fashion: pullover on a coat hanger with Fashion for Good label

Rethinking Fashion: “We Need to Make Sustainability the Norm”

Dressing up is fun, but garment production often harms the planet. Fashion expert Katrin Ley explains what you can do to stay stylish and help reshape the apparel industry –…
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DLD Circular 2023 preview image showing select speaker photos

DLD Circular 23: Speakers & Topics

Find out who will be on stage, and what to expect, at our second circular economy conference on September 6 in Munich.
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Portrait of Harvad university professor Martin Puchner, author of the book “Literature for a Changing Planet”

“We Need Stories that Show Human Capacity for Action”

Harvard professor Martin Puchner describes how ancient links between literature and environmentalism offer insights for a better future.
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Photo illustrating sustainability, shows a beach and a wooden sign, shaped like a foot, that says, “Only leave your footprints”

Sustainability: “Recycling Should Only Be a Last Resort”

Circular economy expert Ramona Liberoff explains how companies and consumers can make the biggest impact in reducing their environmental footprint.
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circular economy, sustainability, society, consumption, business

Why the Circular Economy Is the Future

Wasting resources is expensive and unsustainable. The circular economy promises progress by preserving natural resources and offers many new business opportunities…
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