DLD Circular 2023 preview image showing select speaker photos

DLD Circular 23: Speakers & Topics

Find out who will be on stage, and what to expect, at our second circular economy conference on September 6 in Munich.

The concept of a circular economy is simple yet powerful: By rethinking consumption patterns, we can reduce waste and minimize our ecological footprint – for the benefit of all.

Our second DLD Circular conference on September 6, 2023, in Munich will highlight how many opportunities a shift to this new economic model brings, for example in farming and fashion, product development and design, social entrepreneurship and corporate leadership.

This was a fantastic event but it lies in the past. You can watch videos of all sessions on our conference review page. If you subscribe to our newsletter we can automatically keep you in the loop regarding future events.

Below you’ll find a preview of speakers and topics to give you a feel of what to expect. Please note that the program is a work in progress and everything you see here is subject to last-minute changes.

Circularity In Action

The best ideas remain meaningless until someone puts them into practice. We’ve invited expert speakers from different idustries to share how products can be designed for circularity, why renewable energy matters, and how robotics and AI can make production processes more sustainable.

Profile image of Jessie Storey, Director Design, EMEA, at Steelcase

Jessie Storey

Profile image of Joe Iles, Circular Design Programme Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Joe Iles
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Portrait image of Dr. Christian Hartel, CEO of Wacker Chemie AG

Christian Hartel
Wacker Chemie

Profile image of circular economy expert Matthias Ballweg, co-founder of Circular Republic at UnternehmerTUM in Munich

Matthias Ballweg
Circular Republic

Profile image of Hannes Schoenegger, CEO of QWSTION

Hannes Schoenegger

Natural Benefits

Healthy soil means healthy food – that’s one of many rewards of regenerative agriculture. But what does it turn this concept into a reality? In her documentary mini series Farm Rebellion, award-winning filmmaker Doris Dörrie tells the story of former investment banker Benedikt Bösel who became a pioneer of regenerative farming in Germany.

Doris Dörrie and Benedikt Bösel will reunite at DLD Circular to share insights from their project. Additional sessions will highlight the importance of biodiversity and illustrate how sustainable agriculture can reward producers and entrepreneurs, without depleting the planet’s resources.

Portrait image of German author, film director and producer Doris Dörrie

Doris Dörrie

Profile image of ecological farmer and agricultural economist Benedikt Bösel

Benedikt Bösel
Gut & Bösel

Jan-Gisbert Schultze, Managing Partner, Acton Capital Partners

Jan-Gisbert Schultze
Acton Capital

Profile image of Fabio Volkmann, project manager at Climate Farmers in Berlin

Fabio Volkmann
Climate Farmers

Profile image of Dr. Frauke Fischer, university professor and co-founder of PERÚ PURO

Frauke Fischer
PERÚ PURO/University of Würzburg

Rethinking Society & Business

Asking people to change can be difficult – even when the goal is perfectly desirable. We’ll hear from thought leaders in business and politics about the best strategies to bring others along for real impact; and we’ll turn to acclaimed scientists to find out what literature and economics can teach us about positive change management.

Profile image of Martin Puchner, author and professor of literature at Harvard University

Martin Puchner
Harvard University

Profile image of Martijn Lopes Cardozo, CEO of the company Circle Economy

Martijn Lopes Cardozo
Circle Economy

Profile image of circular economy expert Niclas-Alexander Mauss, co-founder of Circular Republic at UnternehmerTUM, Munich

Niclas-Alexander Mauss
Circular Republic

Profile image of Bart Nijsink, Head of Fundraising and Partnerships at the Sheltersuit Foundation

Bart Nijsink
Sheltersuit Foundation

Profile image of Katrin Habenschaden, Mayor of the city of Munich, Bavaria

Katrin Habenschaden
Mayor of Munich

Ian Goldin, Oxford, DLD Speaker

Ian Goldin
University of Oxford

Profile image of Michael Smith, Co-Founder and General Partner at venture fund Regeneration.VC

Michael Smith

Christian Teichmann, Burda Principle Investments

Christian Teichmann
Burda Principal Investments

Material Progress

Plastic waste has become a global problem in urgent need of innovative solutions. DLD Circular brings together experts from different disciplines to discuss where recycling makes sense, which groundbreaking new materials could become a supplement for plastic – and how the fashion industry can be a trendsetter by becoming more sustainable.

Portrait of Katrin Ley, Managing Director of Fashion for Good, Amsterdam

Katrin Ley
Fashion for Good

Profile image of Cleanhub co-founder and CEO Joel Tasche

Joel Tasche

Portrait image of Efrat Friedland, founder of consultancy materialscout

Efrat Friedland

Innovation for Good

From artificial intelligence to fusion energy – there’s a lot that technology can do to power sustainable progress. Meet movers and shakers from science and business.

Profile image of Francesco Sciortino, Co-Founder & CEO of cleantech startup Proxima Fusion

Francesco Sciortino
Proxima Fusion

Profile image of bioacoustics researcher Stefan Kahl

Stefan Kahl
Cornell University

Profile image of Jano Costard, Head of the Challenge program at Germany’s Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation, SPRIND

Jano Costard
SPRIND Innovation Agency

Meet Your Hosts

DLD founder Steffi Czerny and Meike Zwingenberger, Executive Director of Amerikahaus München, look forward to welcoming you in Munich on September 6.

Portrait of DLD conference founder Steffi Czerny

Steffi Czerny
DLD Media

Profile image of Dr. Meike Zwingenberger , Executive Director of the Amerikahaus Munich

Meike Zwingenberger
Amerikahaus München

Further Reading

Portrait of Harvad university professor Martin Puchner, author of the book “Literature for a Changing Planet”

“We Need Stories that Show Human Capacity for Action”

Harvard professor Martin Puchner describes how ancient links between literature and environmentalism offer insights for a better future.
Photo illustrating sustainability, shows a beach and a wooden sign, shaped like a foot, that says, “Only leave your footprints”

Sustainability: “Recycling Should Only Be a Last Resort”

Circular economy expert Ramona Liberoff explains how companies and consumers can make the biggest impact in reducing their environmental footprint.
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