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Industry experts discuss sustainable materials at DLD Circular 2023 in Munich. From left to right: Marcus Behrendt (BMW i Ventures), Hannes Schoenegger (QWSTION/Bananatex). Vishaal Shah (EnvoPap), Eftrat Friedland (materialscout) and Christian Fischer (Bcomp)


Marcus Behrendt

BMW i Ventures
Profile image of Marcus Behrendt, Managing Partner at BMW i Ventures

Marcus Behrendt is Managing Partner at BMW i Ventures. He brings over 25 years of expertise in the automotive industry to this leadership position. Previously, he worked in different management functions in research and development of the BMW Group and as a managing director Europe for a U.S. market research company.

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Christian Fischer

Profile image of Christian Fischer, co-founder and CEO of Bcomp

Christian Fischer is CEO of Bcomp, a Swiss company that develops bio-based materials that help to decarbonize the world. A leading supplier of sustainable lightweighting solutions, Bcomp is part of the ongoing revolution towards cleaner mobility.

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Efrat Friedland

Portrait image of Efrat Friedland, founder of consultancy materialscout

Efrat Friedland is the founder of materialscout, which helps companies create value through the creative and sustainable implementation of materials and technologies. She is also the co-founder of Positive Plastics, a platform that presents information about polymers with a lower environmental impact. (Photo: ©Daniel Schvarcz)

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Hannes Schoenegger

Profile image of Hannes Schoenegger, CEO of QWSTION

Hannes Schoenegger is co-founder and CEO of QWSTION and its award-winning Bananatex brand. QWSTION has been manufacturing bags from plants since 2008, combining functionality and timeless design with the smallest ecological and biggest social footprint possible.

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Vishaal Shah

Profile image of Vishaal Shah, Growth Director at envoPAP

Vishaal Shah is Growth Director at envoPAP, a sustainable materials company based in London. He is also an Angel investor and Impact Entrepreneur with a focus on building businesses that produce a positive outcome for humanity and the environment. Shah has led multiple businesses across the U.K., South East Asia and Sub Saharan Africa.

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