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State of European Tech

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Investor Tom Wehmeier of Atomico takes a close look at the state of Europe’s startup ecosystem. Drawing on the venture firm’s latest State of European Tech report, Wehmeier illustrates both strengths and weaknesses of the continent compared to the U.S. and Asia when it comes to investing and entrepreneurship.

Andrew Keen, book talk, DLD conference

Tomorrows vs. Yesterdays

“We thought the Internet, when it was born, would create democracy and wisdom and freedom”, author Andrew Keen observes in his DLD20 talk. “The opposite is true.” The world is experiencing a rise in digital neo-authoritarianism, Keen argues in his…
Stefan Oschmann, Merck, Pardis Sabeti, Harvard University, Sara Weber, LinkedIn, DLD All Stars, video

Rethinking the Future of Science

The Covid-19 pandemic has had the effect of alerting the entire world to the dangers of future viruses that could wreak even more havoc. Merck Group CEO Stefan Oschmann and Pardis Sabeti, Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Harvard…
gender equality, digital age, Joy Buolamwini, Maria Furtwängler, Iris Bohnet, DLD conference

Gender Equality in the Digital Age

Is AI advancing or prohibiting gender equality? That’s the core issue that computer scientist Joy Buolamwini, Harvard University professor Iris Bohnet and Maria Furtwängler, founder of the MaLisa Foundation, discuss in this DLD Munich 2020 session. “Humans are biased, and we…

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