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Meat the Future: Plant-Based Food

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Hunger and malnutrition remain an enormous problem, with one in four people globally facing insecurites about their food supply. “By 2050, we will need two planets to feed our entire population”, said Lior Shalev, CEO and co-founder of SimpliiGood. His startup produces food rich in protein, vitamins and minerals based on an algae named Spirulina.

Rich in vitamins, iron, calcium, “Spirulina takes care of you and takes care of the environment”, Shalev said. SimpliiGood produces Spirulina by growing the algae in pools. In addressing the need for meat alternatives, Spiurlina is “one of the best alternative proteins that we can have,” Shalev observed.

For more on plant-based meat alternatives and the future of food, see our in-depth article with additional DLD videos.

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