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Marcus Ko, President of Digigooz, Dimple and Gurufin, speaks at the DLD Munich conference in January 2023


Jae Jeong

Digigooz, Dimple, Gurufin
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Dr. Jae Jeong leads the Digigooz, Dimple and Gurufin initiative, which brings together the metaverse and digital goods with traditional payment services and Web 3.0 technologies.

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Marcus Ko

Digigooz, Dimple, Gurufin
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Marcus Ko is CVO & President of Digigooz, Dimple and Gurufin. He oversees strategy, business development, ecosystem building, and partnerships at the web3 initiative from South Korea.

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Ralph Simon

Mobilium Global Limited
Ralph Simon, Mobilium Global Limited

A pioneer of the modern mobile industry, Mobilium founder Ralph Simon is popularly known as the “father of the ringtone”. He is a on a relentless search for the latest in mobile video innovation, new tech platforms, A.I.devices, creativity and digital start-ups.

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