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The Future of Spoken Audio

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The popularity of spoken audio, particularly in the form of podcasts, has skyrocketed over the past few years. To explore the phenomenon further, this DLD20 panel brought together June Cohen, CEO and co-founder of WaitWhat; Matt Cooper, CEO of Skillshare; Marcus Stahl, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Boxine GmbH. It was moderated by Christian Teichmann of Burda Principal Investments.

“The U.S. in particular is in the middle of the Renaissance of podcasts”, Cohen observed, adding that exciting and original content was the priority of WaitWhat. Listeners are typically tuning in during commutes, workouts or while doing household chores via their smartphones, the panelists agreed.

German entrepreneur Marcus Stahl explained how he is creating educational and entertaining audio content specifically for children. His company’s Toniebox has 250 different toy characters, which are placed on the speaker and provide hours of storytelling.

Matt Cooper expressed his wish to further spoken audio in the field of educational content and create educational podcasts. Currently he works largely with video, but like all panelists, he sees great potential in the future of spoken audio.

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