Christophe Maire

Christophe Maire, investor, FoodLabs


Christophe F. Maire is a purpose-driven investor and Founding Partner of FoodLabs in Berlin, which backs entrepreneurs who tackle some of the most pressing challenges of our time, such as reducing CO2 emissions and improving food security and healthcare.

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Katelijne Bekers, Microharvest, Mazen Rizk, Mushlabs, Raffael Wohlgensinger, Formo, in conversation with Christophe Maire, Atlantic Labs/FoodLabs at DLD Munich

Why We Need A Food Revolution

This panel discussion is a taste of things to come. In conversation with investor Christophe Maire (FoodLabs), founders Katelijne Bekers (Microharvest), Mazen Rizk (Mushlabs), Raffael Wohlgensinger (Formo) show what food alternatives startups bring to the table. Currently, the food industry accounts for 26 percent of man-made carbon emissions, Christophe Maire explains. “We need a food…