Margaret Heffernan, Nikolay Kolev, Deloitte


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Time Topic
0:10 Intro by Steffi Czerny
2:00 Learning from the coronavirus crisis: Make uncertainty your friend.
3:30 The best way to adapt to a new business environment.
7:45 Comfort zones, corporate assets and recipes for change.
10:00 The crisis as an opportunity for change.
10:30 A chance for young leaders of tomorrow to learn more in life than at university.
15:30 Advice to the CEO: Open up and “ask everybody” because “there’s always more knowledge at the edge than at the center”.
16:55 The reinvention of Nokia.
18:40 “How hungry are young people today?”
19:35 Office life and productivity.
22:00 Finding the right mix of fresh ideas and talent with experience.
24:00 “The best work is done by very rich, often very contentious collaboration.”
26:00 Planning the future in the middle of a worldwide crisis.
27:30 Why starting a book is similar to starting a business.
29:10 Age, creativity and entrepreneurship.
33:15 Women and minorities as much-needed drivers of change.
40:40 Don’t say anything…
41:30 Disruption in the consulting business.
42:40 Remote work and the future of the office.
50:00 Can optimism be taught?

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