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Niki Kolev is Managing Director Northern & Central Europe at WeWork. He brings 13 years of entrepreneurial, management and investment experience. In 2014, Kolev co-founded Deloitte Digital Ventures and served on Deloitte’s Consulting Management Team (CMT) as Digital Transformation Lead from 2016-2019.

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Margaret Heffernan, Nikolay Kolev, Deloitte

Prediction Addiction

Uncertainty is a fact of life. We may try to calculate what’s to come but the future remains ambiguous. The complexity of modern life simply does not allow precise predictions – no matter how much we may crave them, renowned British author Margaret Heffernan says in her most recent book.


Margaret Heffernan, author, DLD conference

Make Uncertainty Your Friend!

Don’t try to fight uncertainty, learn to manage it, author and consultant Margaret Heffernan says. Watch her DLD Sync session with Niki Kolev about better ways to deal with risk.
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Company Culture In The Era Of New Work

Digital transformation does not only have effects on products, business strategies and processes. A central success factor for successful transformation are the people who implement and support change processes as employees. In view of rapid technical developments, business requirements must be constantly reviewed, improved and adapted. Employees and talents, on the other hand, are concerned…
Simon Levene (Mosaic Ventures), Gisbert Rühl (Klöckner & Co), André Schwämmlein (Flixbus), Nikolay Kolev (Deloitte Digital)

Learning from startups: Go vertical!

How do we build innovative, commercially viable companies? What are the biggest challenges in scaling a vertical? And what can large, traditional companies learn and adapt from startups? Venture capitalist Simon Levene hosted a panel with Gisbert Ruehl (Klöckner & Co SE), Niki Kolev (Deloitte Digital) and André Schwämmlein (FlixBus) at DLD18.  Flixbus is a technology…
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