Jonas Andrulis

Portrait image of Jonas Andrulis, Founder and CEO of AI company Aleph Alpha

Aleph Alpha

Jonas Andrulis is the Founder and CEO of Aleph Alpha, an AI start-up working on generalizable artificial intelligence comparable to DeepMind and OpenAI. Previously he served as a senior AI R&D manager at Apple in California.


Panelists Jonas Andrulis (Aleph Alpha), Philipp Justus (Google), Ludwig Ensthaler (468 capital) and Eva Maydell (European Parliament) discuss technology regulation with moderator Andrew Keen (far right) at the DLD Munich 2024 conference.

The Fine Balance of Regulation & Innovation

How much government regulation do groundbreaking technologies like AI need? What guardrails are necessary, and when do laws start to get in the way, hindering innovation? These are some of the key questions discussed in this high-profile DLD24 session, which brings together Eva Maydell (European Parliament), Jonas Andrulis (Aleph Alpha), Ludwig Ensthaler (468 Capital) and…
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Aleph Alpha founder Jonas Andrulis speaks about responsible use of AI at the DLD Munich 2024 conference.

Our Responsibility to Go All-in on AI

Aleph Alpha founder Jonas Andrulis discusses the importance of artificial intelligence for the German economy and its potential impact on various industries. Andrulis sees a big risk that Europe will fall behind the U.S. and China – resulting in a geopolitical dependence on vital technology. “It is our responsibility to make sure that the world…
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AI panel discussion with – left to right – Alexander Kudlich (468 Capital), Adam Bittlingmayer (ModelFront), Christian Teichmann (Burda Principal Investments) and Jonas Andrulis (Aleph Alpha) at the DLD AI Summit 2023 in Munich.

Generative AI: Business or Feature?

How big is the disruptive potential of AI really – for businesses and employees, but also for the creators of this technology and their investors? That’s the question at the heart of this captivating DLD panel discussion with Jonas Andrulis (AlephAlpha), Adam Bittlingmayer (ModelFront) and Christian Teichmann (Burda Principal Investments), moderated by Alexander Kudlich (468…
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Jonas Andrulis, founder of AlephAlpha, discusses challenges and opportunities of generative at the DLD AI Summit 2023 in Munich.

Patterns & Perplexity: What Can We Expect from Generative AI?

Follow along as Aleph Alpha founder Jonas Andrulis explores the current state of AI technology and what’s to come in his engrossing DLD talk. “What you’ve all seen is phenomenal results coming from the current generation of AI”, Andrulis says. “So we’re thinking: is this the same intelligence that humans have?” Not really, the former…
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Technology experts Tina Klüwer, Jonas Andrulis, Ludwig Ensthaler and Christian Teichmann discuss the opportunities of generative artificial intelligence at DLD Munich 2023

Generative AI: Opportunities for the New Age of AI

ChatGPT is an example of the power of generative AI systems. And it’s clear that these AI applications will change the world – yet again. But how exactly? This conversation features Tina Klüwer, Director AI at the Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurship Center KIEZ in Berlin; Jonas Andrulis, Founder and CEO of Aleph Alpha, an AI start-up…
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Preview image showing the cover of the DLD magazine The Promptah with Sam Altman, along with publishers Steffi Czerny and Christian Teichmann; musicians Elisabeth Furtwängler and Niclas Molinder; BMW executive Daniela Bohlinger and Harvard professor Martin Puchner.

Meet “The Promptah”, DLD’s People Magazine for Curious Minds

It’s hard to make sense of all the buzz around AI and a world in constant change. So we asked experts from various disciplines for guidance. Take a look – and download your copy of “The Promptah” for free!
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AI-generated image showing a road leading into the mountains, illustrating the unknown future of artificial intelligence.

AI Trends to Watch in 2024

From wearable intelligence to business applications, open source, transparency and regulation – find out what’s next for this game-changing technology.
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Clay robot reading a book illustrates the question: How smart is artificial intelligence getting?

Good or Evil? How AI Is Transforming Life, Work and Society

Will artificial intelligence turn out to be a blessing or a curse? DLD speakers from science, business and technology share expert opinions.
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Amazon CTO Werner Vogels speaks to a packed audience at the DLD Munich conference 2024

DLD Munich 2024

DLD Munich is Europe’s leading innovation conference. DLD24 brought together experts from business, science and culture. Revisit this exciting event here with talks, videos, images…
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DLD AI Summit 2023 graphic

DLD AI Summit 2023

This event explored how AI is reshaping every industry: from mobility to health, from agriculture to media, education, science, and politics.
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Stage at DLD Munich 2023, Europe’s leading innovation conference, at Serviceplan’s House of Communication

DLD Munich 2023

Highlights of DLD Munich 2023: Find videos, images and speakers of Europe’s leading innovation conference in one place…
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