Preview image showing the cover of the DLD magazine The Promptah with Sam Altman, along with publishers Steffi Czerny and Christian Teichmann; musicians Elisabeth Furtwängler and Niclas Molinder; BMW executive Daniela Bohlinger and Harvard professor Martin Puchner.

Meet “The Promptah”, DLD’s People Magazine for Curious Minds

It’s hard to make sense of all the buzz around AI and a world in constant change. So we asked experts from various disciplines for guidance. Take a look – and download your copy of “The Promptah” for free!

Trying to make sense of a world spinning faster and faster has become a formidable challenge. That’s why we love to bring together specialists from diverse fields – renowned experts who can provide insights, analysis and guidance.

This is especially true of artificial intelligence, a technology so powerful that it promises to affect all aspects of our lives, from the future of work to education, health, climate change, politics and society, all the way to culture and the arts.

Collage of images showing pages from the first issue of the DLD magazine The Promptah.

Playful look, serious input: Download The Promptah as a PDF and take a deep dive into the future with thought leaders from all over the world.

At DLD, we’re lucky to have a speaker community rich in knowledge about all aspects of innovation, including AI. We feel it’s time to share this knowledge through a new channel and make our expert voices heard even more clearly.

Meet The Promptah, our new people magazine that focuses on role models who are harnessing AI’s positive capabilities, such as tackling climate change and economic inequality. The magazine frames the AI debate with insightful interviews, artistic imagery, and quotes, emphasizing the importance of prompt engineering in unlocking the AI-driven future. (That’s where The Promptah gets its name from, in case you’re wondering.)

We’re happy to make the first issue of our new project available to you as a free PDF that you can download here. You’ll find interviews with more than a dozen DLD speakers about the state of AI, business opportunities, the investment landscape, the proposed EU AI Act, transparency and explainability, AI applications for the benefit of people and planet – and much more.

In addition, we’re looking back at the memorable conversation between OpenAI CEO (then and now) Sam Altman and Reinhard Heckel at TU Munich earlier this year, which seems all the more timely now in light of recent events.

Collage of images showing pages from the first issue of the DLD magazine The Promptah.

AI means business: There’s tech for good – but AI can also bring challenges to society and security. Get expert insights when you download your copy of The Promptah.

The Promptah is a co-production of DLD and our friends at Burda Principal Investments. We look forward to future issues, with the upcoming DLD24 conference in Munich from January 11-13 surely providing plenty of food for thought.

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