DLD Video

Brainlab founder Stefan Vilsmeier explains how business can use video game and virtualization tools for education

More DLD Talks

DLD Munich panel discussion with Simona Huebl, i5invest; Philippe Sahli, Yokoy; Philipp Werr, COPA-DATA; and Nikolaus Pelinka, Kobza Media Group
What does it take to turn a local startup into a global success story? In this DLD Munich session, founders Philippe Sahli (Yokoy, Switzerland) and Philipp Werr (COPA-DATA, Austria) share insights with investor…
Rolf Dobelli, Covid-19, DLD All Stars, video
What’s the best way to get through the corona crisis and deal with the mental stress induced by the pandemic? Rolf Dobelli recommends stoicism – the art of enduring hardship by strengthening the…
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