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Stefan Vilsmeier is the founder, president and CEO of Brainlab. Since its founding in 1989, Brainlab has evolved into an international leader in medical technology with over 1,400 employees in 18 offices around the globe. The company leverages 3D computer imaging to facilitate precision surgery.


Brainlab founder Stefan Vilsmeier explains how business can use video game and virtualization tools for education

What Needs to Change in Education: An Entrepreneur’s View

Why would a medical company get into video gaming? Simple: Virtual environments give doctors a chance to practice and acquire new skills in entirely new ways, as Brainlab founder Stefan Vilsmeier illustrates in this DLD Munich talk. “We as Brainlab digitize surgery”, Vilsmeier explains, comparing his company’s technology to a “kind of GPS system” that…
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Digital Health: Technology’s Next Frontiers

This DLD Summer panel discussion takes a deep dive into the converging worlds of health, medicine and technology. Merck Group CTO Laura Matz and Brainlab founder Stefan Vilsmeier provide expert opinions on the most exciting and promising new areas where technology can aid human health. In conversation with Techonomy founder David Kirkpatrick, they also discuss…
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Data and Democracy

How much freedom do technology companies need to be truly innovative? And where should government step in to protect privacy, consumers and market competition? Former Vice President of the EU Commission, Viviane Reding, and Brainlab CEO Stefan Vilsmeier discuss data and democracy, regulation, and Europe’s position in the competitive landscape vis-à-vis Asia and the United…
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Hospital of the Future

“Many of the treatments that we see today are overly simplistic”, observes Stefan Vilsmeier, founder of Brainlab, at the outset of this panel discussion, which also includes Rajesh Jena of the University of Cambridge, Florian Weiß, CEO of health portal Jameda, and moderator Matthias Schönermark. Together they explore new possibilities to personalize medical treatment with…
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Digital health, Brainlab, 3D imaging

Digital Health: How Brainlab Is Building a “GPS for the Human Body”

Precision medicine needs precise information. By creating 3D image models of patients’ bodies, Brainlab helps surgeons navigate to the right spot. Founder Stefan Vilsmeier explains…
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