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Tristan Harris, Center for Humane Technology, DLD Munich 2020


Tristan Harris

Center for Humane Technology
Tristan Harris, ethical technology, Google, DLD20

A former Design Ethicist at Google, Tristan Harris co-founded the Center for Humane Technology to catalyze a shift toward humane technology that operates for the common good. He was the primary subject of the acclaimed Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma and is the co-host of the popular podcast Your Undivided Attention.

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Rana Foroohar

Financial Times
Rana Foroohar, Financial Times

Rana Foroohar is global business columnist and associate editor for the Financial Times. She is also CNN’s global economic analyst. Her books include Don’t Be Evil: How Big Tech Betrayed Its Founding Principles – and All of Us and Makers and Takers: How Wall Street Destroyed Main Street. She is a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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