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Panel disussion with moderator Larissa Holzki (Handelsblatt) and Eva Maydell (Member of the European Parliament) Peter Robejsek (Mastercard) and Ewa Duerr (Google) at the DLD AI Summit 2023 in Munich.
Ewa Duerr
Ewa Duerr, Head of Product Management, Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence

Ewa Duerr leads the Product Management team for Cloud Artificial Intelligence at Google. She brings a multi-year experience as an entrepreneur and investor as well as a global perspective, as she worked and studied across six continents and is fluent in six languages.

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Larissa Holzki
Larissa Holzki, head of the Artificial Intelligence Team at German business daily Handelsblatt

Larissa Holzki is one of Germany’s most distinguished tech reporters and heads the Artificial Intelligence team at Handelsblatt. Under her leadership, the business daily launched a weekly newsletter focused on AI and its transformative influence on our lives, work, and economy.

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Eva Maydell
European Parliament
Profile image of Bulgarian politician Eva Maydell, Member of Parliament and President of European Movement International

Eva Maydell is a Member of the European Parliament and President of European Movement International. Her policy priorities include innovation and the use of new technologies as well as supporting entrepreneurs and sustainable investments in Europe.

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Peter Robejsek
Portrait image of Peter Robejsek, Country Manager for Germany at Mastercard

Dr. Peter Robejsek is Country Manager for Germany at Mastercard. An experienced manager in the financial services sector, particularly in wealth management and strategy consulting, Robejsek joined the technology company in 2017 and was previously responsible for product management in Germany and Switzerland.

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