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Emerging Europe

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Watch investor Hendrik Brandis, co-founder of the highly successful VC firm Earlybird, analyze the European startup ecosystem and changes in the financial world that happen worldwide.

Innovation keeps speeding up, Brandis explains, because “technology is driving technology”. Highly disruptive technologies used to be spread out over decades – now they follow each other every couple of years. In addition, “skills as a barrier to entry are fading away”, Brandis observes. “Everybody can participate. That leads to a democratization of innovation.”

Wirecard, scandal, whistleblower, Pav Gill, documentary, Gabriela Sperl, DLD, talk, video

Courage & Decency: The Story Behind a Story

The collapse of Wirecard, among allegations of widespread fraud, has become one of the biggest scandals of the international financial world. In this DLD Summer session, Wirecard’s former senior legal counsel for Asia Pacific, Pav Gill, explains what it was…
food waste, electronic waste, discussion, startups, Oddbox, SPRK, Refurbed, DLD Circular

Tech-Enabled Circular Marketplaces

There are many new ways to prevent food waste and electronic waste, as this DLD Circular session shows. Moderated by Fritz Oidtmann (Acton Capital), three entrepreneurs from the U.K. and Germany illustrate how digital services can become a powerful tool…
Parag Khanna, Move, mobility, civilization, climate change, DLD Circular, presentation

Move: The Economy of the Future

“What will our civilization 3.0 look like?”, author Parag Khanna asks in his DLD Circular presentation. His prediction: “It will definitely be mobile, it needs to be sustainable, and therefore it needs to be a circular civilization.” Khanna takes the…

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